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Environmental Monitoring
Environmental monitoring describes the processes and activities needed to characterise and monitor the quality of the environment. It is used in many circumstances in which human activities can introduce a risk of harmful effects on the natural environment.

All monitoring strategies and programmes have reasons and justifications which are often designed to establish the current status of an environment or the trends in environmental parameters. In order to be useful the results of monitoring should be reviewed, statistically analysed and published. The design of a monitoring system must, therefore, have regard to its final use and scope. Unless individual monitoring can produced a big amount of data, the results are unlikely to be published and the environmental understanding produced by the monitoring is, in most of the case, lost.

Norman Research has attempted to overcome this kind of approach by designing and developping an Environmental monitoring solution based on technology "M2M", which integrates hardware, software and services that let analyze in real time any physical parameter monitored and remotely manage the transmission of data collected to servers from where people can easily read final information.
The architecture of the monitoring system includes:
• A peripheral hardware module, the monitoring station for detecting and analyzing the values of monitored parameters and to transmit them, via an integrated GPRS modem, to server. The unit conforms to EU directives concerning safety and electromagnetic compatibility and provides the following features:
- Acquisition of data in real-time.
- Analysis of the measures according to the parameters setup by the user.
- Transmission of data in compressed format to achieve optimal performance.
- Downloading data in a buffer memory to avoid losing them in case of no connectivity.
- Updating the firmware remotely.
• A dedicated software system, which allows simultaneous communication with the remote monitoring stations located on the affected area. The software provides:
- The storage of data received on the centralized database.
- The management of the messaging alert to guys deputies or involved, just in the selected mode (SMS, voice call, email, fax): messages provide information about failures of the control units or exceeding limits specified for the environmental parameters monitored.
- The management of diagnostic and reprogramming of the device.
- The configuration of the operating parameters of the devices.
- The setting of alarm handling rules.
- The management of confidential data by configuring different access levels.
• The website, designed and implemented to allow a reading of the collected data immediately understandable both in graphical and / or table ways.

A first implementation of the system was performed within the project for evaluating the WWF oasis "Bussento Caves" located in Morigerati (SA), aimed to enable a greater chance of finding and using information coming from both tourists, expert peole who study and monitor the oasis.

Access to monitoring of the WWF Oasis "Bussento Caves": PC version - PDAs version.

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